Our Values

Our Mission Statement

Linking God’s resources with hurting people

Our Motto

A Place to Belong, A Place to Become

Our Vision

To transform communities in Eastern India, (particularly Orissa, Western Bengal, Jharkand and Chattisgarh) through Children’s Homes (called Dream Centers), Leper Homes (Cities of Refuge), Youth Conventions and Strategic Leadership conferences.  Our desire is to create a great organization through a great commitment to the Great Commandments and the Great Commission. 

Our Mission

To transform communities in East India, (particularly Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkand and Chattisgarh) through an organization that is greatly committed to the great commandments and the great commission of Jesus Christ. We will do this by:

  • Opening Residential Homes (Dream Centers) for orphaned and/or destitute children BEFORE they are sold into bonded slavery
  • Establishing Intervention Homes (Dream Centers) in Eastern India to rescue children BEFORE they are sold into sexual slavery
  • Providing a haven for Lepers (Cities of Refuge) and their children with food, shelter, clothing, medicines and education
  • Connecting with primitive, savage and backward tribal people to bring social, spiritual and economic transformation into their lives
  • Conducting Youth Conventions and Strategic Leadership Conferences

Our Purpose & Objectives:

    1. 1. To advance the Kingdom of God via evangelism, church planting, Christian education, distribution of Bibles and Christian literature, child welfare, throughout Eastern India.
  • 2. To promote charitable works such as distributing food and clothes to needy and impoverished people, educating the illiterate, sponsoring orphaned and destitute children.
  • 3. To plan, promote and conduct Christian Conferences for the growth and development of believers.
  • 4. To plan and implement relief and help to as many Leper Colonies as we can including education and prevention of the disease for the children in these Leper Colonies.

Our Long Term Goals:

  • To establish 100 GNI Dream Centers in strategic areas of Northeast India
  • To establish 10 vocational and technical Schools to provide career training to our students
  • To conduct at least 2 Youth/Leadership/Men’s conferences each year
  • To conduct 10 Medical/Clinic Outreaches each year in strategic areas near GNI homes
  • To establish Regional Leper Colonies in our targeted areas