More about our High-Risk Girls

At the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges (part of Mt Everest), in the picturesque town of Kalimpong, we have a Dream Center where almost 100 Nepali girls have found refuge from the ravages of child trafficking.

Tragically, some 80% of the girls that “work” in the brothels of India are forcibly brought down from the Northern hills of India, some as young as five or six years old. We have a network of people and pastors who identify a girl at high risk and we INTERVENE BEFORE they are ever taken away. Our hope is to build a Dream Center for 500+ girls and rescue them from the horrors of sexual slavery.

These girls have a dream – becoming nurses, doctors, teachers, pastors, etc. The word of God is being planted into these dear children – that God has a plan for their lives, that they can accomplish their dreams and, perhaps most importantly, that they are LOVED.

However, in South Bengal and Odisha, we also have a number of girls facing the same danger as these Nepali girls: being trafficked into a brothel. And GNI is rescuing as many as we can find from the horror of sexual slavery.

NOTE: Because of the location of this northern area where it is difficult to get supplies, the sponsorship amount for our high-risk home in the mountain area is $50 per month, rather than $30 per month for the High Risk girls in South Bengal/Odisha.

More about our High-Risk Girls