Eye Clinic – Cataract Surgery

$20 to restore someone’s eyesight… It’s as simple as that.

You know from our fall newsletter that at the end of November, a group of eye surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses are coming with me to India to conduct a Cataract surgery eye camp in Baligeria… a first for that region. This group is putting in intra-ocular transplants restoring 20/20 vision to tribal people who have severe cataracts. These dear folks could never ever afford this kind of procedure… many are field laborers who work in the sun 10 hours a day without sunglasses and the ultraviolet rays have destroyed their ability to work.

Think about it…. from a life resigned to near blindness to perfect vision…

And the cost for 300 cataract surgeries? $6000 This amount will host the team, patients, food, advertising, transport, etc.

$20 per patient to restore perfect vision.

This team of volunteers from the top eye clinic in Phoenix Arizona is ready to operate 14 hours per day to meet their goal. Our Indian team is working hard to organize this camp and get patients in.

CAN YOU HELP? Can you give a larger gift of $1000? That would help restore the vision of 50 people. Even a smaller gift of $20 or $40 will assist in restoring the vision of one or two people. A gift of any size will make a life-changing difference for someone. It might be a middle-aged person who can get back to work or an elderly person who will be able to enjoy their children. Please be as generous as possible!

You may use the reply envelope to bring His grace to bear into a blind person’s life. You may also call us with your debit/credit card number or use Bill Pay if you like.

All extra funds will be used to help with post-op needs and to take care of our orphaned and/or destitute children.


Dr. Faiz Rahman

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Eye Clinic – Cataract Surgery