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Hip Hop Clinic (Each session 2hrs)
Morning Session 10am-12pm
Afternoon Session 1pm-3pm
Open Dance Session 4pm-5pm

1. History & Culture of Hip Hop:

We will discuss the history of Breakdance and hip hop culture in New York and its spread. as well as the factors that influence Hip Hop. We will talk about style

2. Hip Hop Foundation:

We will teach basic moves of hip hop, finishing with a dance routine that uses all the moves taught in the class.

3. Hip Hop Foundation 2:

Using the basics taught in the first lesson, we will teach more intricate dance moves that involves

4. Breakdance Foundations:

We will teach basics of breakdance 6-step, top rock, up rock, down rock.

5. Breakdance Foundations 2:

Using basics taught in Foundations 1 we will add to the moves with routines and freezes, swipes and more advanced movements.  Ci-ci, swipes, baby freeze, planks, etc.  

6. Popping & Locking Foundation:

We will teach the basics of Popping & Locking, history and teach basic routines.

7. Power Moves:

We will teach more intricate breakdance moves that incorporate all moves taught in classes prior, will have a high difficulty. Hand Stands, Windmills, 1990ʼs, Hammerjacks, Back Spins, Flips etc

8. House Dancing Foundation:

We will teach house dancing basics.