Good News India: Ways To Donate

Rescue a child from bonded slavery

For only $33 per month you can rescue a child from a life of bonded slavery. With your contribution, we will provide shelter, clothing, food, and medical treatment at one of our Dream Centers in India. Unlike other organizations who are with the children only a few hours a day, we strive to give the 24/7 care, education and love until they graduate college. Sponsor a child and make a big difference in the life of a hurting child today! Choose A Child


Rescue a child from sexual slavery

For only $50 per month, (northern high-risk) or $33 per month (southern high risk), you can rescue a child from a life of bonded sexual slavery. Good News India is actively engaged in confronting this horrible menace, by getting to these girls BEFORE any child trafficker has got to them. We would rather build a fence on top of the cliff than run an ambulance service at the bottom. We have a Dream Center near the Nepali border that has rescued nearly 100 girls from a death sentence. There we provide 24/7 care, education and love until they graduate from College. Choose a High-Risk Girl


Rescue primitive savage tribals

Good News India is reaching out to some very primitive and violent tribal people deep in the interior of Eastern India. Given to a life of violence, stealing and looting, this tribal group had no hope or future. GNI has established a strong Dream Center with about 150 kids and is slowly transforming a whole community. The Police Chief told us that “crime has dropped by 90% since Good News India went in…” Your contribution will help us change a whole region with the good news of the Cross. Rescue a Tribal Child


Rescue a family from the bondage of leprosy

For just $33 per month, you can make all the difference for a family touched by leprosy. This group, in all probability, is at the bottom of the world. Hit by the twin forks of deep poverty and dreaded leprosy, these people are truly the “untouchables.” Good News India runs a City of Refuge “Ashroi Kendra” for these dear people and their children where food, shelter, comfort and love are given freely to any person or family touched by Leprosy. A School has just been finished for the children who are despised at their local government Schools, most not being allowed to attend, though the children themselves are perfectly healthy. You can sponsor a leper family or a child for $33 per month. Rescue a Leper’s Child