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Faiz Rahman was born in the city of Cuttack and grew up in Kolkata in Eastern India. He attended High School at the Assembly of God Church School in Calcutta, and finished with top honors academically including serving as the Student Body President. He then enrolled at Bethany University in Santa Cruz, California where he was listed three times in WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. He was also elected to serve as Student Body President of Bethany College. He continued on to get a MASTER’S DEGREE IN EDUCATION from Golden Gate in California, before returning to Calcutta, India to work under Dr. Mark Buntain. While serving  Dr. Buntain, Faiz’s duties included directing eleven village schools, Youth and Music.

Faiz returned to the United States of America in 1984 to complete a MASTER’S DEGREE from The Assemblies of God University (Student Body President) and a DOCTORATE from Midwestern University in Kansas City, MO.

In October of 1998, Dr. Rahman began an outreach to the destitute children of Southern Asia and operates 29 centers in North India, where nearly 3,000 children are fed, housed, educated.

Salgadia Happy & Holy Home Society also operates a large Leper Colony with 50 adults and their 115 children. Very few organizations are reaching out in a concerted and strategic effort to touch the many hundreds of lepers that live a miserable existence in Orissa and West Bengal.  We feed/clothe and medicate about 600 lepers in 6 different centers.

Tarun Kumar Das, President

Bd2-Tarun DasTarun Kumar Das is a native of Salgadia.  He had left the area in the 1980’s to attend University and live and work in Delhi, but felt the need to return to his barren hometown area to help the many children and adults that live desperate lives in deep poverty.  In 1994, he established his Society and struggled to meet the needs of the poor until he joined hands in a cooperative effort with Dr. Faiz Rahman and Good News India.  Tarun’s desire is to do his part to provide opportunities for children and adults to break the cycle of poverty and fulfill their human potential. He started our Dream Center in Paschim Midnapore with 27 children; there are now more than 150 children in residence. They have a Welding and Carpentry Training Center on campus.

About Us